Sales Development Representative

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We have robots to be robots, so you can be human.

We tastefully automate
mundane tasks, leaving more time for
connection and creativity. We constantly find new ways to get more from less because doing so earns freedom.

Growth and learning opportunities built into our company.

Our team spends about 20% of their time
learning and developing new skills. We take time to think. We sharpen the saw. We’re encouraged to exercise every day while on-the-clock. Performance at work hinges critically on the health and happiness of our team, so individual wellbeing is the top-priority of the company.

Join the team that’s building a better way of working.

We’re driven, hard working, and accessible to our customers and each other. Our communication is smooth and relaxed, but we get down to work with intensity. Our people act like owners because they are compensated like owners. Our profit pool has grown every year.